Your Innovator Founder Visa Application

Your Innovator Founder Visa Application

The journey towards obtaining an Innovator Founder visa can be exciting and daunting for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to live and do business in the United Kingdom.

But the process can often prove complex and time-consuming, leading to challenges and setbacks. Hiring a law firm specialising in immigration law as your support and guide through the application process is essential. This article will explore why professional legal representation increases the chances of a successful Innovator Founder visa application in the United Kingdom.


What is an Innovator Founder Visa?

The Innovator Founder program, introduced by the UK government to support and attract innovative entrepreneurs from overseas looking to establish and run businesses in Britain, was specifically created to attract individuals with original business ideas that have the potential to contribute to Britain’s economy. The scheme offers a great opportunity for those with the drive and talent to make their business work.

The Innovator Founder program replaces the old “Start Up” and “Innovator” categories. Both of which are now closed to new applicants. It provides an accessible path for international entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in the UK. Individuals may stay for a maximum of three years with this visa to develop and establish their venture. After three years they may be able to extend your visa or apply for indefinite leave to remain (“settlement”) in this country. Their close family (partner and children under 18 can travel to the United Kingdom with them).

To become eligible for the Innovator Founder program, applicants must first receive an endorsement from an endorsing body approved to endorse them and their business idea.

There are now only four main Endorsing bodies, each of which specialises in different kinds of business ideas. They will consider an applicant’s business plan: its innovation, viability and potential growth criteria, amongst other criteria. It is essential that a strong case is made for endorsement, and to the right endorsing body.

The business idea must be new and must lead to the creation of a new business. Unlike previous schemes, you cannot join an existing business.

Successful applicants are granted permission to enter or remain in the UK to start their business, providing an ideal environment to develop ideas, access funding sources, build networks and take advantage of an entrepreneurial ecosystem supportive of new enterprises. At the end of the three years, Innovator Founders holders may progress towards indefinite leave to remain if they meet all the rules.

The Innovator Founder Visa isn’t designed for individuals looking for self-employment or working in existing businesses; instead, it aims to foster entrepreneurialism by supporting innovative business ideas with plans of creating and growing successful startups in the UK.


Why Is Hiring a UK Visa Lawyer Important?

Hiring a UK Visa lawyer when beginning to even consider applying for such a visa can bring many advantages and greatly increase the chance of success. These should be legal experts who specialise in immigration law, possess an in-depth understanding of the Innovator Founder visa program’s nuances and requirements, and who also have expertise in business law and business planning. They can assist entrepreneurs from the earliest stages, and right throughout the application process, ensuring all necessary documents are prepared accurately and submitted within their deadlines and that all the rules are met at every stage.

The best immigration lawyers can also offer invaluable guidance and assistance when developing a comprehensive business plan that aligns with visa requirements, increasing chances of approval by endorsing bodies. Immigration lawyers provide invaluable support during the visa application process, helping businesses navigate any legal complexities, address potential challenges and obtain Innovator Founder visas in the UK – enabling entrepreneurs to focus their energy and confidently pursue entrepreneurial aspirations.

By engaging an expert lawyer that offers Innovator Founder services early on, entrepreneurs can save time, reduce risks and maximise chances of securing Start-Up visas confidently.


The Benefits of Hiring a Specialised Law Firm to Help You with an Innovator Founder


Hiring a law firm specialising in the Innovator Founder visa applications for the UK can have many benefits. Here are the key ones:

Immigration Law Expertise

UK Visa lawyers possess extensive expertise and knowledge of immigration law, specifically regarding business visa applications. Their stay up-to-date with regulations, policies, and procedures helps to ensure your application adheres to specific requirements set by immigration authorities, increasing your chance of success significantly.

Bespoke Advice and Strategy

A specialised law firm will assess your circumstances and offer tailored guidance and advice regarding your business visa application. They can assist in understanding eligibility criteria, reviewing business plans and suggesting changes that will increase the chances of approval. They have experience creating strategies tailored to meet client goals with maximum potential for a positive result.

Document Prep and Organisation

Innovator Founder applications often require extensive documentation, including business plans, financial records and supporting evidence. A law firm specialising in Innovator Founder applications can assist you in collecting, organising and submitting these documents in compliance with immigration authorities’ specifications – helping ensure your application is comprehensive, accurate, and robust.

Submission and Follow-up for Applications

Navigating the application process can be complex and time-consuming, which is why hiring a law firm to assist can make life much simpler. They will oversee every aspect of application submission for you – ensuring all forms are filled out accurately, supporting documents are included, and deadlines are met. They will also communicate directly with immigration authorities on your behalf regarding queries or requests for more information during this process.

Mitigating Risks and Conquering Challenges

If any issues or challenges arise during the application process, consulting with a law firm specialising in immigration can offer invaluable guidance and solutions. They can anticipate potential issues and devise plans to mitigate risk, increasing your likelihood of achieving success. Should your application be denied, they can assist with appeals or explore alternative avenues towards reaching your immigration goals.

Save Time and Resources

Starting an Innovator Founder application can be very intimidating. By hiring a specialised law firm to handle your case, your time and energy saved could be better put to use building and expanding your start-up venture. Your lawyers can handle administrative tasks smoothly while offering support at every stage to allow you to focus on working on your business ideas and doing what you do best.


What Can We Do to Help?

Hiring a specialist law firm to help apply for Innovator Founder visas in the UK offers many advantages. Their expert guidance, tailored advice, document preparation services and application support can significantly increase your chances of success while saving time and effort. By teaming up with the best lawyers you can find you can more confidently navigate the complex immigration process while furthering your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Cromwell Wilkes is a law firm of genuine expertise in this field. We believe we are the best at what we do. And we can offer full support not just in immigration law, but in business law, contract law, UK company and employment law, and in business planning and strategy. We offer everything an entrepreneur can need to make sure that their case is successful.

Cromwell Wilkes will begin by conducting an in-depth assessment of your needs to identify the safest and fastest means of getting your family here with you. We will carry out a detailed assessment of your business idea and advise whether it meets the rules, or how it can be improved.

Our team will then help gather evidence to support your case, helping you perfect your business idea, securing endorsement and then making all the visa applications on behalf of yourself and your family.

Reach out now to book a free consultation. Tell us about you and your business idea, and we will get back to you to explain how we can help.