Pro Bono Work

Legal advice and representation is often a costly expense. At Cromwell Wilkes, we’re always striving to be the best legal providers in London, and our charges reflect this. Our clients are wealthy individuals who understand that in order to obtain premium legal services, a premium price must be paid.

Pro Bono Solicitors LondonDespite this, at Cromwell Wilkes, we firmly believe that accessing justice is something very precious for both the individuals who need it, and wider civic society. Wherever possible, access to justice must be extended to those most in need, including those who cannot afford the kind of professional fees that Cromwell Wilkes (and others in the premium service category) charges. Indeed, many of the most needy and deserving cannot afford to pay for justice at all.

Lack of public funding for legal representation

The recent (and ongoing) changes to the provision of public funding for legal representation have left many people with no opportunity for justice or even a fair hearing. Cromwell Wilkes believes it’s the duty of premium suppliers such as ourselves to do whatever we can to help address this unjust state of affairs.

Unless we, and others like us, help, then justice will become the sole preserve of the wealthy and fortunate.
Pro Bono work from one of London’s leading legal practices.

To this end, we at Cromwell Wilkes have created The Rosa Project, where we’ll dedicate a share of our knowledge, skills and money to helping people in need who would otherwise go unrepresented.

A client can be accepted onto The Rosa Project in any of the legal categories in which we work, receiving exactly the same standards of service and professionalism as those paying the very highest fees, free of charge.

How to be accepted onto The Rosa Project

In order to be considered as a Rosa Project client, you will need to be referred by an appropriate third party, such as:

  • The Citizens’ Advice Bureau
  • Law Centre
  • Support Group
  • A local councillor
  • Member of Parliament
  • A care worker or similar individual
  • An NGO

Once a referral has been made, the team at Cromwell Wilkes will study the merits of your application in depth, giving you a swift decision as to whether we can take on your case.

In the first instance, referrals should be made to Remember to include as much information and supporting documentation as possible.

For more information on The Rosa Project and Cromwell Wilkes’ pro bono work, please get in touch with us.