Client Charter

At Cromwell Wilkes, upholding the highest professional and ethical standards is our overriding principle.

Those who seek legal advice do so often from a position of vulnerability, and always from a position of perceived need. They have the right to expect the very best advice and service, and the most professional of conduct.

We cannot, of course, guarantee a positive outcome in any client’s case – we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power under the law to achieve it.

But expertise in the detail of law is not enough. The best lawyer must not just know the law, but know also how it must properly be practised and applied.

To this end we make the following commitments:

  1. Cromwell Wilkes will never act in a fashion which violates the professional codes of conduct or the duty to uphold and maintain the highest ethical standards.
  2. We will at all times uphold the duty of professional, respectful and honest relations with our lay and professional clients, other legal professionals, the courts and tribunals, government agencies, or any other relevant individual or organisation. We will never seek to deceive, to misrepresent, or to mislead.
  3. We will give our clients an honest appraisal of their legal position, and the merits of any potential action. We will act only in those cases where we believe our best professional endeavours have the capacity to bring about a positive outcome, however much hard work and creative energy may be demanded in doing so. We will never accept professional fees where we believe, in good faith, that such a positive outcome is so unlikely or remote so as not to justify the cost to the individual concerned.
  4. We will ensure that any complaint, from any source, regarding our services or conduct is treated very seriously. All new clients will be given a copy of our complaints procedure and encouraged to use it if ever they feel our standards have fallen below that which they expect. No complaint will pass without the most rigorous investigation into its merits. If Cromwell Wilkes does not do its job correctly, we will acknowledge it, rectify it, and learn from it.
  5. We will not tolerate unlawful discrimination in any form, whether from ourselves, our clients, or others with whom we have professional relations. Cromwell Wilkes will work to eradicate discrimination and prejudice wherever and whenever it is revealed – whether it be on grounds of race, nationality, ethnicity, religious belief or none, physical ability, gender, gender or sexual identity, or any other such pertinent criteria. If any person is treated less favourably, in any circumstances, for reasons not allied to their character or conduct, then we shall regard such treatment as discrimination and do all we can to challenge it.