About Cromwell Wilkes

Our Story

Richard Roberts founded Cromwell Wilkes in 2013 after years of working in social welfare, immigration and criminal law. Richard was awarded the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Law’ award for World Refugee Day this year. 

The award inspired the creation of Cromwell Wilkes from his kitchen table while meeting clients at home or in coffee shops.

Cromwell Wilkes takes its name from the historical figures, Oliver Cromwell, and John Wilkes. Both men, though conflicted and flawed individuals, nonetheless made notable contributions to matters concerning justice and liberty – Cromwell in defending the rights of Parliament in defiance of the monarch; and Wilkes in promoting the rights of the individual against the arbitrary power of the state.

Who We Are

We are a London based company specialising in the fields of immigration law, human rights, and business law. Cromwell Wilkes provides award-winning legal advice and representation to individual and corporate clients in both the UK and overseas.

Our team offers comprehensive, professional and confidential services for non-citizens, regardless of their legal status. We are strictly committed to being a leader in both client care and professional standards, seeking to uphold the finest traditions of classical English style, good manners and impeccable service.

What We Do

At Cromwell Wilkes, we create pathways towards security and stability.

Our knowledge of Home Office policy, UK and European law means we can present a range of alternative methods for you, your business, a close family member or friend to gain entry to or remain in the UK. Our team has been advising businesses and individuals on all aspects of UK immigration and nationality law for almost ten years. We have an established reputation for delivering exceptional client service combined with clear strategic immigration advice.

What sets us apart from other firms is that we pride ourselves on maintaining a relationship with our clients. Besides business, we genuinely care about ensuring that the people we work with have the best experience – even after their case has closed. Whether it’s confusion over tax, problems with parking tickets, or assistance getting tickets to a Premier League game, we are always happy to provide a helpful service



Richard started his legal career as a criminal barrister before specialising in immigration and asylum law in 2002. He is registered by the OISC at the highest level and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. In addition to immigration and human rights, he advises clients on matters of private and commercial contracts, employment law, company formation and corporate responsibility. He has previously provided expert evidence to the High Court (Family Division) on domestic violence law within an immigration context. As an advocate he appears regularly in the First Tier and Upper Tribunals. He is a qualified legal trainer whose academic interests lie in European literary and classical studies. He is a member of the Royal Society of Literature and a long-time season-ticket holder at Fulham Football Club.

Jessica Bishop – Director – Immigration

Jessica Bishop is a graduate in law and accredited by the OISC to provide immigration law services to Level 2, while also training to be a solicitor. She started at Cromwell Wilkes as a student volunteer in 2015. Since that time, Jessica has developed her skills whilst working to obtain the professional qualifications that allow her to offer advice in her specialist field. She is particularly interested in family based immigration law and has developed expertise in the complex and demanding area of personal and corporate financial compliance within the immigration rules. Jessica is an avid baker and is training to be a Royal Navy Reserve.

William Stuart – Solicitor in training - Immigration

William is a graduate in Law and also holds a degree in English from the University of Cambridge. He is accredited by the IAAS to provide Asylum law services to Level 2, and by the OISC to Level 3. He started working at Cromwell Wilkes in 2023 and is currently training to be a solicitor. He is particularly interested in the areas of law in which Cromwell Wilkes has a track record of achieving successful outcomes for its clients: complex family visas involving human rights elements, deportation, asylum claims, appeal work and challenging negative decisions through early stage Judicial Review. Away from work he enjoys poetry, cinema, walking, and camping.

Katie Rose - Immigration

Katie is a graduate in English Literature, who has recently completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Law and is now a registered OISC trainee at Cromwell Wilkes. She has particularly enjoyed working with businesses on their sponsorship licence and skilled worker employment and is now studying to complete her full OISC accreditation in all aspects of UK immigration law. Outside of the office, Katie enjoys a pub quiz and has recently begun training for a half marathon. Her other great passions are talking about her two (extremely adorable) dogs and demonstrating her knowledge of the life and works of Harry Styles.