UK Visa And Immigration Frequently Asked Questions

UK Visa And Immigration Frequently Asked Questions

Expert immigration advice can be the difference between success and failure in your visa application. Choosing the right law firm can be difficult and getting it right the first time around saves time, money and reduces disruption. Cromwell Wilkes will work with you to understand your aims and help you submit a seamless and speedy visa application.

What sets Cromwell Wilkes apart from other firms is that we will not take on a case unless we are sure it will be successful. Our firm goes above and beyond for clients with a genuine passion for resolving their visa issues efficiently and cost-effectively.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A UK Immigration Lawyer?

This depends on the ability of those individuals who are handling the application. There has been a significant increase in self-titled advisors and experts claiming to be as qualified as immigration solicitors. However, many fail to understand the complexities of the constantly evolving immigration framework leading to high levels of refusals.

Cromwell Wilkes is a fully-regulated, nationwide law firm that specialises in immigration. Focusing all our efforts on immigration matters has allowed us to acquire expertise and experience in all areas of this type of law.

1. Increase Your Chances Of A Successful Application

Unfortunately, many individuals that are, in fact, eligible for a visa don’t have the exposure and resources to attain a successful application.

The immigration office is particular about the administrative work. Therefore, even minor errors can create a major setback for your visa cycle or result in dismissal. It would help significantly if you considered recruiting proficient and experienced professionals who undertake a comprehensive judicial review and offer legal advice in all the various areas.

2. Get The Best Guidance To Citizenship

When applying for an immigration visa, you should investigate every one of the choices so you can choose the ideal one for you. Most people don’t have the knowledge and assets to search for the alternatives that suit them the most.

Cromwell Wilkes will dive deep into your case to present the alternatives for you, offering you guidance and going the extra mile.

3. Save Time And Money

A good immigration firm will save you money, time and confusion. They will be prepared for all the requirements and processes you don’t know about the immigration process and guide you accordingly.

When it comes to applying for immigration status, various documents and evidence of your eligibility is required. Inadequate proof can result in a delay in the processing of your application as the embassy will demand more documentation, and in some cases, your application may also be rejected.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

UK Immigration faqs

How much do immigration lawyers cost in the UK?

Typical fee estimate: £1,750 to £3,500 +VAT at 20% (if applicable). The estimate is based on the details of your case. If family members are applying at the same time as you, then we would expect this to increase the fee estimate by £500 to £700 +VAT per family member.

What does an immigration lawyer do?

Immigration law is incredibly complex. Immigration lawyers represent individual and business clients to provide legal advice and guide you on the practical action to take. An immigration solicitor will help you to gather evidence and write your application, such as ensuring you have the correct visa to exit or enter the country.

How much does it cost to consult an immigration lawyer?

The average consultation costs can range between £150 to £300 depending on the immigration firm and the complexity or scale of the case. At Cromwell Wilkes, we offer free consultations.

Can an immigration lawyer speed up the process in the UK?

The exact timeline of getting a visa is regulated by the law. However, hiring the correct immigration lawyer can significantly decrease your chances of unnecessary delays caused by mistakes in your application.

Why are visa applications refused?

The majority of refusals are due to a failure to provide specified evidence. The top 10 reasons for UK visa refusals are:

  1. Not supplying the correct documents
  2. Not presenting documents in a valid format.
  3.  Applying for the wrong type of visa.
  4. The omission of specified evidence.
  5. Non-disclosure of previous issues such as bans or certain criminal convictions.
  6. Following advice from non-UK advisers that are not qualified in UK immigration law.
  7. Following advice from family and/or friends who do not have sufficient legal knowledge.
  8. Believing the Home Office will be lenient or understanding – they won’t be and there is simply no room for error.
  9. Attempting to save money on low-cost advice from unqualified advisers.
  10. Relying on advice from Home Office/UKVI – call handlers are not trained or qualified to give legal advice, and at best, all they will do is provide you with general information.

My visit visa has been refused – can I appeal this?

Certain visas do not carry the right of appeal while others may offer a time-restricted right to appeal. However, an appeal is only possible under the following circumstances:

1. The reasons for the refusal must be understood and overcome.
2. The previous application issues must be mitigated.
3. There must be a right of appeal awarded.

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