Minimum Salary Threshold Increases to £38,700 for Skilled Workers

Minimum Salary Threshold Increases to £38,700 for Skilled Workers

At Cromwell Wilkes, we’re adeptly navigating the recent increase in the UK’s minimum salary threshold for skilled workers to £38,700. This significant policy shift affects potential skilled migrants and employers in the UK.

The Background Behind New Salary Thresholds

The UK Government is set to substantially increase the salary threshold for the Skilled Worker visa route, elevating it to £38,700. This represents an almost 50% hike from the current threshold of £26,200, aligning it more closely with the median full-time salary for similar roles in the UK.

This adjustment extends beyond the general category, affecting specific occupations with varying minimum salary requirements. These figures, yet to be finalised, will differ based on occupation codes, potentially higher or lower than the general threshold.

Notably, specific roles are exempt from this increase. Like teaching, positions with a national pay scale retain their current salary requirements. Similarly, individuals entering the UK on the Health and Care visa route will not be subject to this new threshold.

The policy also considers those deemed new entrants or transitioning from student visas who currently benefit from lower salary thresholds. Whether these thresholds will increase with the general adjustment is still under review.

These changes present a shift in the UK’s skilled migration strategy, aiming to attract workers whose compensation aligns with national median wages. This move is expected to impact the landscape of skilled immigration to the UK, necessitating careful consideration and planning for potential migrants and employers alike.

Grasping the Salary Threshold Change

This salary adjustment impacts skilled workers looking to enter the UK, ensuring they can contribute substantially to the economy. While opening avenues for higher-earning professionals, it also introduces hurdles for others.

Impact on Potential Migrants and Employers

  • For Skilled Workers: The increase in the salary threshold for Skilled Worker visas to £38,700 significantly impacts skilled workers aspiring to move to the UK. This change means only positions offering a higher salary will qualify for the visa, potentially narrowing the pool of eligible jobs. Skilled workers must now seek roles that match their expertise and meet the heightened salary criteria. This shift could lead to more competition for higher-paying roles and may require some applicants to enhance their qualifications or experience to meet the new standards. It also places a greater emphasis on securing employment offers from companies that can meet the salary requirements.


  • For Employers: Employers in the UK seeking to hire skilled workers from abroad will also feel the impact of this salary threshold increase. They may need to revise their salary structures to attract international talent, ensuring the offered wages meet the new threshold. This could increase operational costs for businesses that rely heavily on skilled migrant workers. Additionally, the change might compel employers to reassess their recruitment strategies, possibly focusing more on training and developing domestic talent or restructuring roles to justify the higher salaries for skilled migrant workers. For sectors already experiencing skill shortages, this could present additional challenges in finding suitable talent within the revised salary guidelines.

What Does This Mean for Skilled Workers Wanting to Live in the UK?

The increased salary threshold signifies a more selective approach to skilled migration, focusing on higher-earning roles. Skilled workers aspiring to live in the UK must now navigate these higher salary requirements, which may limit the range of jobs that qualify for immigration. Understanding these changes and how to respond is crucial for anyone looking to make the UK their home.

Cromwell Wilkes’ Comprehensive Assistance

We’re here to offer:

  • Expert Advice: We provide information and advice tailored to how these changes affect your individual or business plans.
  • Application Support: Our team is skilled in preparing and reviewing visa applications to ensure compliance with the new salary standards.
  • Employer Guidance: We strategise with businesses to align with the new rules and continue attracting the best international talent.

Navigating New Challenges Together

With the UK’s salary threshold increase for skilled workers, navigating immigration law has become more intricate. At Cromwell Wilkes, we stand ready to guide individuals and businesses through these changes. Our blend of legal expertise, personalised service, and an in-depth understanding of immigration nuances positions us as your ideal partner in adapting to and thriving in this new UK immigration environment.

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