Minimum Income Requirement for Family Visa to Rise

Minimum Income Requirement for Family Visa to Rise

At Cromwell Wilkes, we understand that the UK’s decision to raise the minimum income requirement for family visas presents a significant hurdle for many aspiring to bring their loved ones to the country. We can help you navigate these changes with ease and confidence. 

What are the Changes?

The UK Government’s new strategy to reduce legal immigration involves substantially increasing the minimum income requirement for family visas. This change ensures financial stability for those bringing dependents to the UK. 

The increment, affecting various family visa categories, will be implemented in phases:

  • Initial Increase (Q2 2024): The minimum income requirement for spouse/partner visas will rise to £29,000.
  • Subsequent Increase (Late 2024): The requirement will increase to approximately £34,500.
  • Final Adjustment (Early 2025): The minimum income threshold will reach around £38,700.

These adjustments will impact individuals applying for entry clearance or switching to spouse, civil partner, fiancé, and child joining parent visas after Spring 2024.

Notably, those who already hold a family visa within the partner route or apply before the income requirement increase will continue to be evaluated against the current threshold of £18,600. This applies to children joining or accompanying parents and individuals granted a fiancé visa before the increment. 

However, applicants in the UK on different routes who intend to switch to the partner route post-increase will face the new income requirements. To avoid these heightened financial demands, applying before Spring 2024 is a crucial consideration for those planning family reunification in the UK.


Understanding the Changes

The UK government’s increase in the minimum income threshold affects those applying for a family visa, including spousal, partner, and child visas. This policy ensures that incoming families can support themselves without recourse to public funds, reflecting a broader commitment to sustainable immigration.


Impact on Families

  • Increased Financial Burden: The increment in the minimum income requirement for family visas, escalating to £38,700 by early 2025, imposes a significant financial challenge for applicants. Families must now showcase a considerably higher income level to sponsor relatives, particularly spouses and children, for UK entry. This substantial increase may not only postpone plans for family reunification but, in some cases, could completely upend them. The necessity to meet this elevated financial threshold may compel families to rethink their strategies, possibly considering longer-term financial planning or seeking higher-paying employment opportunities to meet the criteria.


  • Rigorous Verification Processes: Families can anticipate more exhaustive background checks and increased financial requirements. The need to demonstrate higher income levels will likely entail providing extensive financial documentation and evidence, subjecting applications to closer scrutiny. This process may involve rigorous verification of employment status, income sources, and financial stability. Families should prepare for a thorough examination of their financial health, necessitating the preparation and organisation of financial records. This heightened scrutiny aims to ensure that applicants can sustainably support their dependents in the UK, aligning with the government’s goal of responsible and financially stable immigration.

What This Means for Immigrants

The rise in minimum income requirement for family visas means immigrants must now meet higher financial thresholds to bring family members into the UK. This change could affect the timeline and feasibility of family reunification plans, requiring immigrants to reassess their financial preparedness and explore alternative routes or additional support to meet new criteria.


How We Can Help

  • Expert Guidance: Our team stays updated on all immigration policy changes, providing the most current and accurate advice.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that every family’s situation is unique. Considering your specific circumstances, we provide personalised strategies to meet the new requirements.
  • Document Handling: We help collate and review all necessary documentation to prove the financial requirements are met, streamlining the application process.
  • Continuous Support: From the initial consultation to the final decision, we are with you every step, providing support and updates on your application.

Cromwell Wilkes – Your Partner in Family Reunification

As the minimum income requirement for family visas rises, Cromwell Wilkes is here to ensure that your path to family reunification remains clear and achievable. Trust us to provide the expert guidance and compassionate support you need during these changing times. With Cromwell Wilkes, you’re not just navigating an immigration process; you’re paving the way to a new life with your loved ones in the UK.

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