Sponsor Licence Renewals Abolished from April 2024

Sponsor Licence Renewals Abolished from April 2024

The UK immigration scene is on the verge of a transformative shift, as the Home Office has announced the abolition of Sponsor Licence renewals effective April 6, 2024. This pivotal shift signifies a substantial easing of administrative burdens for UK employers, heralding a new era in licence sponsorship. Cromwell Wilkes, one of the best immigration lawyers based in London, is at the forefront and ready to assist businesses in navigating these changes and ensuring ongoing compliance with UK immigration laws.

What’s New with Sponsor Licence?

Traditionally, the sponsor licence renewal process has been critical, albeit cumbersome, to maintaining a business’s eligibility to employ overseas workers. This process involved navigating through sponsor licence renewal processing times and contending with the sponsorship licence renewal fees, which have been a significant consideration for businesses. The requirement for renewing sponsor licences every few years has been a recurring expenditure and administrative challenge for licence holders.


However, the forthcoming changes mark a significant departure from the past, promising to streamline operations for UK businesses engaged in licence sponsorship. Here’s what’s changing:


  • Automatic Extension: Sponsor licences due to expire on or after 06 April 2024 will have their expiry dates automatically extended by a decade without the sponsor’s action being required.
  • Cost Reduction: Abolishing the sponsor licence renewal fee removes a financial burden from businesses, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently elsewhere.
  • Simplified Management: Eliminating the need to renew sponsor licences eliminates the administrative hassle and planning for renewal processing times.

Sponsor Licence Renewals Implications for Employers

While removing the renewal requirement simplifies the sponsorship process, it doesn’t absolve businesses of their compliance responsibilities. The Home Office has clarified that compliance audits will continue in announced and unannounced capacities. This ongoing scrutiny underscores the importance of maintaining up-to-date records and HR systems to adhere to licence duties.

How Cromwell Wilkes Can Assist

Cromwell Wilkes stands ready to offer comprehensive support and guidance to businesses adjusting to the new sponsor licence regime in this evolving regulatory landscape. Our expertise includes:


  • Navigating Compliance: Assisting businesses in understanding their ongoing duties as sponsors, including how to renew sponsor licences if necessary before the April 2024 changes.
  • Audit Preparedness: Offering bespoke advice and strategies to ensure businesses are well-prepared for Home Office compliance audits.
  • Legal Support: Providing legal representation for businesses facing challenges such as a sponsor licence being revoked or navigating the complexities of how much a sponsorship licence costs under the new regulations.

How Much Does a Sponsorship Licence Cost Now?

With the abolition of sponsor licence renewal fees from April 2024, the initial cost of obtaining a sponsor licence remains essential for businesses planning to apply before this date. 

Worker Licence:

Initial Application: £536

Medium/Large Sponsor: £1,476

Temporary Worker Licence:

Initial Application: £536

Medium/Large Sponsor (same as small/charitable): £536

Worker and Temporary Worker Licence:

For Both Licences (Small/Charitable Sponsor): £536

For Both Licences (Medium/Large Sponsor): £1,476

Adding Licences to Existing Ones:

Add Worker Licence to Existing Temporary Worker Licence:

No Initial Fee

Medium/Large Sponsor Addition: £940

Add Temporary Worker Licence to Existing Worker Licence:

No Initial Fee

No Fee for Medium/Large Sponsor

How Long Does a Sponsor Licence Last Under the New Rules?

From 06 April 2024, any sponsor licence due to expire will automatically be extended to last for an additional ten years, removing the need for renewals. This significant change offers long-term stability for businesses employing international talent.

What Is the Sponsor Licence Renewal Processing Time?

With the upcoming changes, the concept of sponsor licence renewal processing time will become obsolete for licences expiring on or after 06 April 2024. Businesses can instead focus on compliance and preparation for potential Home Office audits.

How to Renew a Sponsor Licence Before April 2024?

For businesses whose licences expire before the April 2024 cutoff, renewing their sponsor licence involves applying to the Home Office and paying the necessary fee. Cromwell Wilkes can assist with the renewal process to ensure continuity in their ability to sponsor employees.

What Happens If Your Sponsor Licence Is Revoked?

If your sponsor licence is revoked, it’s advisable to find the reasons behind this decision and the steps you can take to address the issues identified. Cromwell Wilkes offers expert legal advice and representation to businesses facing revocation, helping them navigate the appeal process or reapply where applicable.

Contact Cromwell Wilkes for Sponsor Licence Renewals

The upcoming changes to sponsor licence renewals represent a significant step forward in simplifying the immigration compliance landscape for UK businesses. With the support of Cromwell Wilkes, businesses can navigate this transition smoothly, ensuring they remain compliant while benefiting from reduced administrative and financial burdens. 

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