Yahya Assiri…victory at last!

Yahya Assiri…victory at last!
We are very pleased, with Yahya’s permission, to announce that he and his family have finally been recognised as refugees in this country. It has been a long battle, Yahya was one of Cromwell Wilkes’s very first clients and no one envisaged how hard the fight would be to win for him the status he clearly deserves.

Recognition must go to the many people who have supported Yahya over the last three years. these include the staff at UK Amnesty, and the office of John Spellar MP. Their campaigning support has meant a great deal to us all, and we cannot thank them enough.

We are proud and honoured to announce further that Yahya has accepted an invitation to become a director of Cromwell Wilkes to help us to enhance and expand our commitment to the protection of global human rights. For all people. In all countries.

Many people have worked for this success, but the triumph belongs ultimately to Yahya himself. This victory is a testament to his character, integrity, and courage.

Britain could never have gained a better citizen.

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