Family in the United Kingdom – But no permission to be here?

If you are in this country without lawful permission, then, in most cases, the correct thing to do is to return home. However, your case may be different if you have family – particularly British children – who live here, and with whom you have a genuine relationship.

If you are the parent of a British child (or a child with the permanent right to live here), the you may be able to make an application to regulation (“correct”) your current position, and instead become a lawful resident of this country.

These cases are difficult and must be prepared very carefully and supported by the right kind of evidence.

At Cromwell Wilkes we are experts in these applications and can guide you through every stage of the application, from initial advice to obtaining the visa itself, and the provision of ongoing support to you and your family.

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Our professional fees are highly competitive in this complex and important area of UK Immigration Law, and our reputation for quality service and client success has been built and enhanced over years of experience.

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