Corona Virus Immigration Update

As the world adjusts to COVID19 – Corona Virus and the international restrictions, economic down turns, and medical constraints become more apparent it is important to consider its impact on Immigration processes here in the United Kingdom.

Here is a guide that covers the major areas of concern during these changing times. Please note that these items may change at any time so be sure to check with us often.

In the guide we answer the following question…

  • Are immigration visas still possible?
  • I have already applied. Is my immigration application still being processed?
  • How long could my immigration visa be delayed?
  • Do I need to be tested for COVID19 – Corona Virus with my immigration application?
  • If I live in a COVID19 – Corona Virus hotspot like China will I be denied a visa?
  • If I have visited in the last 3 months a COVID19 – Corona Virus hotspot like China will I be denied a visa?
  • How do I apply for a visa?
  • What changes have you made in your processes?
  • How can I talk to you directly or receive a consultation?



CLICK HERE – COVID 19 – CORONA VIRUS Immigration Update


Cromwell Wilkes remains open for business.

We are ready to ensure that all legal rights are protected during this difficult period.

The Corona Virus pandemic is a major cause of concern for all of us, and Cromwell Wilkes expresses its best wishes to all our clients and their families. We urge you to follow (as we do) the official advice on staying safe, and to reducing the risk of passing on the virus to those who may be more vulnerable than others.

This statement seeks to offer reassurance about what will happen regarding your legal case.

Many hundreds of thousands of immigration applications remain outstanding nationally and internationally and we will be following closely all advice from the Home Office regarding any interruption or delay in the processing of applications, and from the Tribunal Service in the holding of appeals.


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