Corona Virus – COVID 19 Announcement

A Statement from Cromwell Wilkes to our clients (and future clients)

Cromwell Wilkes remains open for business.

We are ready to ensure that all legal rights are protected during this difficult period.

The Corona Virus pandemic is a major cause of concern for all of us, and Cromwell Wilkes expresses its best wishes to all our clients and their families. We urge you to follow (as we do) the official advice on staying safe, and to reducing the risk of passing on the virus to those who may be more vulnerable than others.

This statement seeks to offer reassurance about what will happen regarding your legal case.

Many hundreds of thousands of immigration applications remain outstanding nationally and internationally and we will be following closely all advice from the Home Office regarding any interruption or delay in the processing of applications, and from the Tribunal Service in the holding of appeals.

In the meantime, much of our work can and will continue remotely wherever possible. Deadlines will continue to be met and advice and consultations will still be delivered via email, telephone, Skype and WhatsApp.

And new cases can still be taken on behalf of those who are facing deadlines to make applications in this country – either to extend, renew or change their immigration status – and we can ensure these are still completed effectively and on time. And we will deliver the same quality of service and attention to detail that we have always done.

In the highly unlikely event that all work has to cease for a period, or if the Home Office takes steps to suspend in full or in part its casework operation then we would expect provisions to be made to protect people’s rights so that they suffer no legal detriment due to this crisis. We shall certainly be ensuring that all our clients are protected in this regard.

For those of our clients who are regarded as vulnerable – for reasons of age, physical or mental health, or economic hardship, we shall be taking additional measures to remain in close contact and will be suspending any payment of legal fees that may fall due during the period of the crisis. Please be assured though that work on the cases will not be interrupted where fees are deferred until the crisis is over.

All our clients, especially those who are elderly, alone, or unwell, are always welcome to contact any of us if you need reassurance, advice, or simply need a person to talk to. We cannot of course give practical advice on the virus, but we remain ready to offer whatever other support we can to our clients and their families for as long as this situation continues. You should all have personal contact details for me and Jessica, and maybe also Justin, Alex, and Lucy also. If you have mislaid them then please let us know and these can be provided.

We will continue to update clients as the situation develops. For now, we shall ensure that all necessary steps are taken so that you can be sure your legal matters are in safe hands while you focus for now on looking after yourselves and your families.

Richard Roberts and Jessica Bishop

On behalf of Cromwell Wilkes

16th March 2020



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